All those conditions are met by BLINDEX due to the blend of new materials employed and the revolutionary manufacturing technique which allows the “four layer in one operation” process

BLINDEX is formed in one operation and is then cured in a single operation without the use of glues or adhesive and therefore forms a tough single body, highly flexible due to the special inner compound and with no possibility of delamination. Apart from providing an outstanding protection the RLH shield is made in a bright yellow color especially studied for night, fog and fume visibility and clear identification of fire-fighting points

BLINDEX is exceptional for abrasion, heat, flame, weather and ozone, oil and chemicals as well as in hydraulic characteristics such as test and burst pressures. Furthermore, BLINDEX needs no maintenance and can be easily repaired


Blindex is produced with a revolutionary process which has been developed with the experience of two decades of research and production of rubber covered fire hoses

This technology allows the injection of the inner rubber lining and a double outer cover made of two different compounded rubbers all in a single operation process

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