The Masteco MGCV check valve is compact, light weight, and

hydraulically efficient valve that allows flow in one direction.
MGCV is UL listed and FM approved fire use in fire protection
systems for services up to 300psi (20.7bar). MGCV is available
from sizes 2 inch (50mm) to 6 inch (150 mm).
MGCV is grooved on both ends to standard ANSI groove
specification and can be installed with standard UL Listed and
FM approved grooved coupling, such as Victaulics, Grinnel,
Tyco, Anvil, etc. Model MGCV can be easily maintained by
removing the grooved coupling.
This product is manufactured by Masteco Industry Co., LTD.
The warranty is provided to the original buyer for One years
solely against material defect and workmanship when the
valve is properly installed and maintained. Check valve not
properly installed and maintained following NFPA 25 and
local requirement are not subject to warranty. The warranty
period starts with the manufactured date. Masteco and it’s
distributor are in no way responsible for incidental, indirect, or
consequential damages caused by this product. Damages will
be limited to the sale price of the product.
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